Index Institute of Dental Sciences

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Department of Periodontology

The science of periodontology deals with the preservation of tissues surrounding and protecting the tooth thereby maintaining optimal masticatory function. Healthy teeth and gums are pivotal to the success of other branches of dentistry. Keeping this in mind,the department of periodontics is equipped with state of the art infrastructure and equipments to preserve the natural,regenerate the depleted and replace the lost periodontal tissues through various surgical and non surgical procedures. The department has gadgets like laser unit and implant system which is essential for modern periodontal therapy. Though index institute of dental science is a nascent undergraduate stage, its space and infrastructure is sufficient even for post graduate curriculum. The department is manned by highly qualified and dedicated staff who have a wealth of clinical, academic and administrative knowledge.

There are modern and well equipped electronic dental units to impart quality dental care. The departmental OPD is ample to provide for sufficient and diverse clinical material for students.

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